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KTM Rear Sprockets

Outlaw racing has put together a lightweight aluminum sprocket design, with long life wear characteristics of a steel sprocket.

Made in Germany from 7075-T6 aluminum with a unique heat treating process.

CNC manufactured one by one for a precise fit and perfect chain alignment.

Mud grove design increasing tooth surface by 44% and providing 30% more wear time than other standard aluminum sprockets.

60SX 98-00<br>65SX 98-15<br>65XC 08-09

85SX 04-15<br>85XC 08-09<br>105SX 04-12<br>105XC 04-12

125EGS 92-99<br> 125EXC 89-07<br>125MX 83-91<br>125SX 92-14<br>144SX 07-08<br>150SX 09-14

200EXC 98-05<br>200MXC 98-03<br>200SX 98-04<br>200XC 06-09<br>200XC-W 06-14


250EXC 90-05<br>250MX 91<br>250MXC 91-03<br>250SX 92-14<br>250XC 06-14<br>250XC-W 06-13

250SX-F 05-14<br>250XC-F 07-14<br>250XCF-W 06-13

300EGS90-09<br>300EXC 90-06<br>300MXC 93-05<br>300SX 92-96<br>300XC 06-14<br>300XC-W 06-14

350SX-F 11-14<br>360MXC 96-99<br>360SX 96-99<br>380EXC 98-02<br>380MXC 98-02<br>380SX 98-02<br>


400EXC 00-06<br>400MXC 01-02<br>400XC-W 07-10<br>440EXC 94-95<br>440MXC 94-95<br>440SX 94-95

450EXC 03-05 <br>450MXC 03-05<br>450XC 03-13<br>450XC-F 08-14<br>450SX 03-12<br>450SX-F 07-14

505SX-F 2008<br>505XC-F 08-09<br>520EXC 99-02<br>520MXC 99-02<br>520SX 99-02

525EXC 03-06<br> 525MXC 03-05 <br>530EXC-R 08-11<br>530XCR-W 08-11<br>550MXC 93-96


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